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English Dance and Song review

To Althea, from Prison, Poem by Lovelace set to music by Swarbrick
Al Bowlly’s in Heaven, Richard Thompson
Across the Blue Mountain/I Was a Young Man, 2 songs of marital dysfunction, American and English
Frida Kahlo’s Visit to the Taybridge Bar, Michael Marra's wonderful vision of Frida Kahlo coming back for a wee dram.
Virginia Lags, Traditional, contains one of the most depressing verses in folk song.
A Tree Song (Oak and Ash and Thorn), Kipling via Bellamy
The Wife of the Soldier, from Kurt Weil, Berthold Brecht
Hostess’s Daughter, Traditional
Wall of Death, Richard Thompson, all the fun of the fair.
The Brown and Yellow Ale, a translation from the Gaelic, a song of magical seduction
Port Mahon, Sydney Carter, one of his best.
Coasts of High Barbary, Traditional story of derring do on the high seas
Geordie, Traditional, with an untraditional end.
Tom Paget, Traditional, rude and unprincipled, doldrums indeed!
Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear, Traditional and the moral is?
We’ve Been a While a-Wandering (The Yorkshire Wassail Song), Traditional Christmas wassail song.



Photos by Andy Basford: